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Philotopi is an eco-friendly artisan fashion brand from Indonesia that focuses on thematic accessories with a vision to raise awareness of the rapid change in climates due to global warming and other negative effects on our environment.
June 2017

Jakarta Utara

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Butter Pancake Summer Hat

Butter Pancake...

TopiRp. 328.000,-

Salad Bowl Summer Hat

Salad Bowl Summer...

TopiRp. 348.000,-

Sunny Side Up Egg Summer Hat

Sunny Side Up Egg...

TopiRp. 298.000,-

Smoothie Bowl Summer Hat

Smoothie Bowl...

TopiRp. 348.000,-

Omurice Summer Hat

Omurice Summer Hat

TopiRp. 318.000,-

Froot Loops Cereal Summer Hat

Froot Loops...

TopiRp. 328.000,-

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